Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bottle People Keepers

How to make your own Bottle person who will keep your stuff safe. Recycling fun

Monday, 15 February 2016


What ! is a new piece of work by me - Sioux Peto

I have gathered un-recyclable items from my everyday life, that normally end up in landfill. Little bits of plastic, lids, pens and loads of small useless items that come with other things, and more things - and its amazing how much there is.

What do I do with it ? What do we do with it ?
The top is made of old vinyl records that no one wants. Really bad music and songs. How or where can theses be recycled. The legs are just rubbish - really they are, just rubbish, that would end up in landfill, pens I have loads of pens that don't work! How to they get reused? Lids everything has lids bits of old makeup. Free things why are they free? and why have I got them? Lids everything has at least two lids or seems to. Everything has tags on it I don't want them. Why is it all so difficult to recycle and complicated. So complicated.

We (as humans) really need to look harder at recycling our materials. 
What is based on an old plastic garden table. I have created this statement piece using everyday objects - I do try and buy "green" products but I believe more has to be done, just look at your own stuff, I only collected ours for a few months.

I Like shopping and have always thought I am careful. Why do we have to have so much packaging, why is there plastic tags on everything and everything is packed inside something else. If we are going to have plastic everywhere why can't  it be recycled? We need to serious look at what is thrown away and what is packaging?

All I/we can do at the moment is try and recycle as much as I can or know we can. 
The Green bin always has plastic in it - its made of plastic too. Plastic is not going away so we are going to have to learn to live with it and use it. It all can be recycled. But until there is a demand and its commercial no one wants to listen.

I like my table.