Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Preparation for the show

 work is taking over my garden

We have only a few days left now and  are busy preparing the studios for our show
This is the photographic evidence that most of us are mucking in and doing their bit !!!!!

The Letter in the Bottle

stay in video window - watch the clip - click on chap at bottom of pane - then click on 11-17 at top of pane - click on 2nd pic the words then watch

7 years ago when my son Kim was 13 we found a letter in a  bottle on the beach at Warden Bay. The letter was beautifully presented and written in French.  Karen Liebreich my work colleague at the time and  friend wrote a book about her journey to find the writer of that letter which was an extremely emotional and moving tribute to her son. The book has just been released in France and we have been doing a bit of promotion.  

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Our world is a beautiful and wondrous place, 
just look around you, but this time really look

This piece will be shown at Canterbury College for the 2009 BA Show

Monday, 11 May 2009

You are invited to my Big BA show

We are working really hard to complete all our work at present. Sorting out printing, invites, posters the catalogue price lists, statements portfolios etc getting our selves ready to go out into the real world - scary stuff. Private View should be a really big affair so please come further details are also available at
Thanks Colin for letting us host our show page with the Polka Dot Art Centre

Swale Arts Meeting

Swale Arts meets in the Red Lion Pub Sittingbourne High Street 1st Monday of each month at 8pmish 
These are friendly informal meetings and are open to all artists in the Swale Area.
We are at present discussing 
The Polka Dot – Exhibitions for the year – We want to create a programme of event -
Cantiana Arts Festival – Saturday 18th July Lynsted Church -
Artists in the Wood – Sunday 12th July - Oare Gunpowder works
Swale Arts Forum – Next Meeting is May 13th at the Avenue Theatre 6.30pm –8pm discussing promotion of events through the Forum - - please feel free to attend
The Swale Film Festival – July 9th, 10th and 11th Avenue Theatre - - This year they are again showing amazing films
Swale Celebration of Culture – Saturday 24th October
Avenue Theatre - - thanks to everyone there – they have some great productions coming up especially this weekend!!!

Swale Artists can really be  proactive within the Arts in this area –– if we can create a working community and co-operate with one another in the  promotion and participation of each others events this will benefit us all –